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Individual and couples psychotherapy. Telemental health/Video counseling

***Couples therapy is CASH ONLY. ( Please refer to section "Using Insurance")

Current insurances accepted ONLY for individual therapy.

* TriWest/military insurance

* Anthem Blue Cross

* Halcyon

* Avante

Cash Fees

55-60 min individual intake session $165

55-60 min individual follow up session $150

Three part couples assessment :

90 min couples intake session- $200 + one time $29 fee paid to the Gottman Institute to complete the "Relationship Checkup Questionnaire"

55-60 min individual intake session for each person -$150 each

90 min couples follow up session to review results of Gottman relationship check up questionnaire, discuss treatment plan and begin intervention- $195

* 90 min couples follow up sessions- $195

* 60 min couples follow up session - $165 ( 60 min sessions are mutually agreed upon by therapist and couple. It is usually reccomended that couples participate in 90 min sessions in the beginning of treatment to fully benefit from therapy, but 60 min sessions can be accommodated due to scheduling and/or financial concerns as well as if therapist believes that the couple is clinically appropriate to move into a "maintenance phase."

*** NOW OFFERING VIDEOCOUNSELING! (Ask your insurance today if telemental health is covered in your plan)